The Last Year Revisited

I know that it is an odd time of year for this type of post but what ever. It has been a very strange year. I was looking for a single word to fully describe the complexities of this year, but I failed. This year I grew closer to many people, and drifted away from others. I also was around relationships as they started and as they ended. I learned a lot in class and out of class. I learned how charged particles interact with the world, and how emotions can control people. I have traveled the world, yet felt lost in my own bed. To say the least, this was a very complex year.

As I have told people the past does not matter, other than how it influences the present and the future. So in reviewing the last year I should ask how it has shaped who I am. Well that might fill up a book, and I doubt I would be able to write it (ask Cait if you want to know more). What I do know is last summer was a major turning point. I left as a young man and returned having learned a little, but mostly learning how much I do not know. This continued into the school year. They learned so much yet every exam showed how little I knew.

So I am off to continue exploring and learning. I hope that this learning involves learning about people’s stories.



So the last couple of days have been very very interesting, causing a slow up thank you’s and devotions. Luckily I am catching up.

Here is some highlights: My girlfriend’s parents came to town, Shabbat dinner failed, catching up with old friends, movie nights, networking, having pop corn being stolen, and no cafeteria food.

I also learned about myself. In living with two roommates it is interesting to learn how to live in a shared space. I need my space in order to relax, or else I become a stressed out monkey. It is hard to find your space in a triple when even the floor around your desk chair doubles as a bedside table. I think I am growing out of dorm life. I love hanging with people and being in a good community that is college, but I need a place to retreat to and my room is currently not it.

I am thinking about rearranging things in order to try to find balance.