So the last couple of days have been very very interesting, causing a slow up thank you’s and devotions. Luckily I am catching up.

Here is some highlights: My girlfriend’s parents came to town, Shabbat dinner failed, catching up with old friends, movie nights, networking, having pop corn being stolen, and no cafeteria food.

I also learned about myself. In living with two roommates it is interesting to learn how to live in a shared space. I need my space in order to relax, or else I become a stressed out monkey. It is hard to find your space in a triple when even the floor around your desk chair doubles as a bedside table. I think I am growing out of dorm life. I love hanging with people and being in a good community that is college, but I need a place to retreat to and my room is currently not it.

I am thinking about rearranging things in order to try to find balance.



So tonight was fun. My whole family just sitting around with the kids down. So . . . we get to telling old stories. (Sadly retelling of events will not be as good as the event but I have to try.)

One story was about me, and I have never heard it before. So in first grade my friend got picked on, by a fourth grader, no a second grader, no a . . . who care, an older kid. And I told them to stop it or I will push them down. And they believed me, or they believed me after I pushed the first one down, or maybe they pushed me down? Well all in all my friend was being teased and I stud-up to big mean bullies. The end. Now the tell was hilarious with people retelling it there way and “No that is not what happened. It was like . . .”, “No your wrong too.” All in all it was a lot of fun.

Then we moved past the old baby stories onto the current babies stories. Ian is not quite two, but is talks and is very determined. We talked about “Big Trucks” (in an awing voice), or how “I scared” to walk in the slightly dim hallway, but is OK on the the top bunk playing with his brother. He is so cute.

Tonight was a night that my family acted like a family and just talked about what ever. Tell old stories, talked about new stories. We also talked about our current issues and it was just nice. This next week and a half will be amazing!


Finals are almost over. I can breath again. This awful semester is over. So the question is now what?

I am excited to read a book on a plane. I am excited to see my family again. I am excited to not think about electricity, heat, sets, flams, entropy, Amperian loops, chord progressions, relations, or Boltzmann factors.

Rest is a brilliant thing that can allow you to start again. My goal is to finish the book I started at the beginning of the semester, start Lord of the Rings, and enjoy people again. A side goal will be to experience silence again. College is nice, but with so many people there is never a moment that you are purely alone and can enjoy silence.

After this rest it is off to enjoy old friends, and new friends in the great big city of New York. I am looking forward to this amazing time of city life. (Sadly I am in a town that is neither city nor the country.)

After this break, it is back to school for an amazing month long class on digital photography. (Any amazing shots will get published somewhere: here, FB, Flicker?) Also January should bring a time to reconnect with friends from school since we will all be taking fairly easy months. (Oh yeah, and I will try to independently get ahead on understanding Maxwell’s crazy discoveries about light.)

I can’t wait to have rest.


I am so excited. I just can’t hide it. Ok ok, I am not a Pointer Sister but I kind of wish I could be, or at least Stevie Wonder.

But the reason I am so excited is that I get to spend Christmas with my whole family (including my nieces and nephews). And it’s going to be in a nice snowy area (even though I would love a break from the snow, a change in the snow will do). And there is no cell service so I can actually spend time with my family. This will be one of the best holidays I can remember. I can’t wait.

The reason why I can’t wait is because I have not seen any of my family since early September, and we have not all been together since last Thanksgiving. In this gap there have been surgeries, birthdays, baby announcements, and growth of all kinds. I can’t wait for stories to be shared and all the laughter that will be present.

Another perk is the lack of cell service. I have had a long and hard semester and these two weeks of little communication will be a blessing of rejuvenation. I just can’t wait.