I like to be in control. I know that there are very few things that I can control. In high school I would have no idea what to do when I had to change my plans. I would flip out if I did not know what I was doing next.

Luckily I grew (or else College would have killed me). Even though I have learned a lot on how to let go, I still like my plans. I have had many grand plans lately (like going to be early, or not procrastinate my work). These plans have failed, and failed miserably. I always seem to have some urgent thing come up. They have all had very positive outcomes but they have come out of nowhere with no warning and need my attention NOW! This has been extremely hard.

Now I will always help out, but right now I want a break. It is hard to get my personal time (especially as an introvert who loves to be with people) and try to fix the crises brought on by this world. So with Thanksgiving around the corner and just a couple small assignments to do for school I am looking forward to some time with my phone off, a warm beverage in my hand, and either good book in the other hand, or good friends near. Hopefully nothing jumping in and interrupts this plan.