Getting to JFK

So I should not have made my plane today, but God helped. I know that sounds odd, but I might be able to let one or two of these things pass, but not all of these. Here is the story.

I could not fall asleep last night, so I fell asleep at around 2:30am. But I needed to get up at 6 am. NO sleep. So my phone was set wake me up at 6 am, but here at 12:30 it still has not gone off. Why was I awake and why did I look at my watch at 6:45 to see that I needed to leave?

I was traveling from Midtown to JFK, so I took the E. But first I had to catch the 6. The 6 took 10+ mins to come, but luckily the E and the Airtrain came with in a minute of when I got there. You never walk off a train to walk onto another.

Also I was using a metrocard that had $7 dollars, but when I went in it looked like I had $3 dollars left. I had no idea how I was going to pay for the Airtrain. (I am a poor college student and have NO cash). When I got to the Airtrain I had $5.25 just enough for the $5 ticket. (PS the subway was $2.50, so $7 dollars still does not add up.)

As I said I have no money. My parents were going to pay for the one checked bag. I was going to use their card number online, but Delta’s website had an issue with the expiration date on the card. So no money from my parents. Delta help said that I could still pay the $23 not $25 at JFK, but that is still $23 I don’t have to spend. So I got to JFK trying counting cash and the few dollars in my checking account to see how much I needed to put on the card and what would cause an overdraft. I got to the counter and told them about the note on the account and they just waved the fee. I now have money for lunch!

As you know I woke up 45 minutes late. So I was still worried about security (luckily check in only had 1 person infront of me). Luckily I could walked through security with no line and only a quick double check on my shoes and water bottle.

Now I had to walk to my gate. Some how it was the opposite side of the terminal, but I still made my plane with about 5-10 minutes before boarding. I made it! With all of these things it could not just be coincidence; things got taken care off. I feel like if anyone of these things (I know if two) did not happen I would not have made my plane. I have must have a reason to get back to Spokane.

Lets see what the rest of the traveling brings. Free lunch?