Living Out Our Relationship

So this is a post about the question posed today on from my devotion page. I asked how we can live as though you have a relationship with the Living Creator. The Bible links this with a message that what ever your heart desires the most is what will bear fruit in your life. So if you have hate in your heart, you will not be able to love. So I think that there must be a connection between these two.

Relationships are a sharing of two people. This meas some of the person you are in relation with will rub off on you. So you know if someone is in relation with God if God is seen in their life. Again, how do you have a relation with God? It starts with desiring God. You must want a relationship; no one can force you into a relationship. Then you most communicate. Every expert says that communication is needed for any relationship to work. So talk to God and listen. The easy ones of these is to pray, and read the Bible. Another uncommon practice in America is meditation. Listen to God move in your heart or just rest in his presence. I also think that private and communal worship is excellent in helping this relationship. Can you date someone and never complement them? Here is my explanation on how this works. Are there any other ideas?


Getting to JFK

So I should not have made my plane today, but God helped. I know that sounds odd, but I might be able to let one or two of these things pass, but not all of these. Here is the story.

I could not fall asleep last night, so I fell asleep at around 2:30am. But I needed to get up at 6 am. NO sleep. So my phone was set wake me up at 6 am, but here at 12:30 it still has not gone off. Why was I awake and why did I look at my watch at 6:45 to see that I needed to leave?

I was traveling from Midtown to JFK, so I took the E. But first I had to catch the 6. The 6 took 10+ mins to come, but luckily the E and the Airtrain came with in a minute of when I got there. You never walk off a train to walk onto another.

Also I was using a metrocard that had $7 dollars, but when I went in it looked like I had $3 dollars left. I had no idea how I was going to pay for the Airtrain. (I am a poor college student and have NO cash). When I got to the Airtrain I had $5.25 just enough for the $5 ticket. (PS the subway was $2.50, so $7 dollars still does not add up.)

As I said I have no money. My parents were going to pay for the one checked bag. I was going to use their card number online, but Delta’s website had an issue with the expiration date on the card. So no money from my parents. Delta help said that I could still pay the $23 not $25 at JFK, but that is still $23 I don’t have to spend. So I got to JFK trying counting cash and the few dollars in my checking account to see how much I needed to put on the card and what would cause an overdraft. I got to the counter and told them about the note on the account and they just waved the fee. I now have money for lunch!

As you know I woke up 45 minutes late. So I was still worried about security (luckily check in only had 1 person infront of me). Luckily I could walked through security with no line and only a quick double check on my shoes and water bottle.

Now I had to walk to my gate. Some how it was the opposite side of the terminal, but I still made my plane with about 5-10 minutes before boarding. I made it! With all of these things it could not just be coincidence; things got taken care off. I feel like if anyone of these things (I know if two) did not happen I would not have made my plane. I have must have a reason to get back to Spokane.

Lets see what the rest of the traveling brings. Free lunch?


I know it is not New Years yet, but this is not a year in review post (I will save that for later). This is about the affect the this season in life has had on me. It just happens that this season correlates nicely with the calendar year.

Some of the biggest changes are from my girlfriend. She has taught me so much. A major thing is feminism. Guys, we are sexist. We don’t do it on purpose, it just happens. As I have grown closer to a girl I have learned about this embedded sexism. Also, I have drifted slightly from my absolute scientific worldview to add some more gray areas, but this change is only partially due to her.

Massah also changed me, so much it reshaped who I am at the core. How much? So much that I feel like people who don’t know much about Massah don’t know much about me (or at least the most current me). Massah taught me about God, people, myself, and the world. It reshaped my worldview. I learned how much God has gone through and how much He loves me and all of humanity. No post will do justice to this revelation (but I might try someday soon). I learned about my teammates, and how people interact. I also learned about cultures and how we all have our own culture. I knew this before, but on this trip I learned how much of ourselves really is from our culture. I learned how to stay true to myself while living in another culture. A major outcome of this “culture shock” was the hit to my absolutes. I found out that many of my absolutes were cultural absolutes, they are things defined as absolute by my culture and are not necessarily true in other cultures. This shook me to the core. But sadly the most violent shock was returning home. I left the place of new found knowledge and had to live in this change back at home. But home was no longer home. It was not what I left and I was not the one who left. Lets just say entering back into society was hard (especially school life). For instance it took months to be OK eating off a wet plate or cup or to put toilet paper in the toilet.

Also, friends have influenced me for the better and worse this last semester. Some have challenged me to be better. Some have taken time and emotional energy. I have learned what I need to do to keep myself going strong. I have learned who really knows me and wants me to be doing my best. With my friends its hard to say specifically what I have learned, cause each time I am with them I come out slightly changed.

This has been an interesting time of growth. I am still slowly realizing what all happened.


Life has been hard. Like most people I have had some rough patches, but never anything truly horrendous. Hopefully this blog does not turn into a place where I continually bitch about my life. Hopefully it is a place where I can remember that life is to be actively lived and it is about how we live the life that is given us.

I will say that God is an important part in my life. I hope that my life is pleasing to Him. In saying this I still do not mind questioning Him. Quite often He just does not make sense.

My current question is why does life keep getting harder and harder? I have continually wished to relive the past. What does the present and the future have to offer that is better then the past?


This summer I traveled to  a little village in Northern India called Pulga. I was there to share stories with the Israeli travelers. You may ask why go to India to meet Israelis, but after the mandatory military service many Israelis travel. A popular spot is India, and a Kasol and the Parvati Valley are popular summer spots for druggies. So me and some friends went to one of those villages in that valley, Pulga.

We were all Jews who believed that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. And this came up often since spirituality is a popular topic among these travelers.

Also Pulga is right next to a forest that is nicknamed “The Fairy Forest.” It is set off limits as the home of a Hindu God, but many travelers go do acid. And on these acid trips they see fairies, but oddly enough they all see the same fairies. I don’t trust these fairies.

While there I felt oppressed and I just wanted to curl up and stop existing. It was a brilliant place, but I did not want to tell people about my story and what God has done for me. I felt attacked. Yet by the end, we were friends with everyone there and everyone know who we were and what we believed. I still keep in touch with them on Facebook. I will say that even though I felt horrible, I was never crushed and the story of what God has done in my life was told.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. – 2 Corinthians 4:7-10 (NIV)