I am taking a writing class.

Why in the world am I doing this? It is purely optional, I detest writing, and it’s way more work then it’s work. Sadly I think I answered my own question.

Back to the point. It is asking me to write a little each day. Currently I do not have any scientific writing so I am going to try and journal or blog about something that has happened/I learned each day–ish.

Today I have relearned I hate writing and would rather play music.


Summer Stuff

So this summer is going to be crazy. I am getting married and moving and starting grad-school in the fall. My fiancee and I are keeping a blog about these and more adventures.

Personally I am working on wedding invitations and studying. When I arrive at grad school I have to take a test. Its a review of undergrad meaning it is very broad but not too detailed. This is a major switch from the upper division classes I just finished. And to be honest this difference is making studying harder. I have always been inquisitive but I want to know new and exciting things, not remember the general stuff that I have heard about. I am all for the new, like the cool stuff coming out of CERN or NSCL. New is always better!

Well I should get back to work, before today gets lost forever.


So I have a break from school for about a week. Now what? Should I run away to Canada? Or maybe sleep? Not sure yet, but the Canada sounds fun the only question of that is would I come back?

So most likely I will just stay here, read my bible, read my new book (cause the old one failed), read a textbook (if I must), work on an art project, and apply for internships. Oh internships.

Well we will soon see what actually transpires this break.

A Few Changes

I am amazed at what a few changes can do. This week has had its ups and downs, mostly caused by some minor changes. Like sleep, showers, talking to people, and thinking through a situation instead of just reacting. Part of this week’s frustration was over lack of time, but some how (like many times before) I was able to get it all done. As of now all I need to do is two projects for school, buy books, buy other school supplies, and apply for every physics internship that exists. I have the ideas of what I want for each of these (including the generic cover letter and CV). Now its time to implement them. So if you know anything about what you spend money on in college, Tokihiro Sato, where to buy cheep notebooks, or Physics internships for this summer let me know. Oh how attitude affects your emotions.