I am so excited. I just can’t hide it. Ok ok, I am not a Pointer Sister but I kind of wish I could be, or at least Stevie Wonder.

But the reason I am so excited is that I get to spend Christmas with my whole family (including my nieces and nephews). And it’s going to be in a nice snowy area (even though I would love a break from the snow, a change in the snow will do). And there is no cell service so I can actually spend time with my family. This will be one of the best holidays I can remember. I can’t wait.

The reason why I can’t wait is because I have not seen any of my family since early September, and we have not all been together since last Thanksgiving. In this gap there have been surgeries, birthdays, baby announcements, and growth of all kinds. I can’t wait for stories to be shared and all the laughter that will be present.

Another perk is the lack of cell service. I have had a long and hard semester and these two weeks of little communication will be a blessing of rejuvenation. I just can’t wait.