Observing: Three computers with three operating systems

Observing: Three computers with three operating systems

I was told recently to do everything excellently. This was not to do things perfectly, but to do things the best that is possible. For me excellence is connected to my focus; am I focused on the task at hand or am I trying to do to much.

This surfaced tonight when we had exceptionally odd/bad data collection for at least 20 minutes, but things were poor for about 2 hours. Now if I may, there was a fairly significant earthquake starting that 20 minutes of bad data and that frazzled me. But I have no excuse for the first two hours except I was not focused and I was not being excellent.

So as a result I stopped, took a breath, and focused. No longer does the music matter or what will I do while waiting for the next image, I am going to focus on getting the data1.

Now I must go back and observe.

  1. A tangent: One of the things that kicked me into focus was the comment that this data only exits once. The light is lost forever if it is not recorded. So remember that you will never have this moment again, what should you be focusing on?