Advancing in Photography

I have always liked photography. As a child I was given a camera that took 110 film. Ok I don’t remember what the film was called, it might have been 111 or something, but it was the one that did not need to be inserted or wound and was fully enclosed so a child could not accidentally expose the film. Then in college I borrowed a nice (D)SLR [1] and took an intro to digital photography and digital photo editing. When I started this class I was getting about 1 excellent shot out of 100, but by the end of the one month intensive course I was down to 1 out of about 75 or 80.

This last summer I finally broke down and bought myself a nice full featured camera. I have been trying to take photos whenever I can and I am starting to amass a large photo library. Today I took my camera to work with me, and while walking back to the car I took some photos of things I saw. I took 20 photos and got 3 pictures I like. These might not make it into my portfolio, but they are good enough that I will share them with the public. I am very excited that I am improving as a photographer and can’t wait to see what my new top 1% shots will become!

PS. The next three shots are the three from today.

  1. I know that everyone talks about “DSLR” rather then simply “SLR” but since the camera basics and lenses are the same whether digital or film I have a personal preference towards just SLR. I know that digital photography is very different then film photography, and I greatly respect all those who can take pictures on film. I also know that for a long time digital was not as good as film so there needed to be a distinction, but I am young and I started after that.  ↩

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