Computers are very nice, but for all they can do there are 100x more things they can do wrong. I have been working on a code. I have been getting an error for over a day and a half. I finally got it to “work” when someone told me to add a couple of lines of who knows what.

Well the last couple of days are a good example of life. You try to work on something with all the knowledge you have. And it’s never enough. So you get help, and it works! But the excitement is less than expected and short-lived because there is another problem to solve.

So tonight I will relax knowing one major issue is down, but might still be kept up ’cause I know there is another issue I must solve tomorrow.

An interesting question: What is the difference between a sane and insane person? I am sure some psychologist has some fancy answer that boils down to some normalized distribution. I would like to propose the idea that a sane person does not focus on tomorrows issues but chooses to rejoice in the successes of today. Lets see if I can be sane tonight.


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