New York

Upstate country or Manhattan? A big question in New York State. I love them both.

I love Upstate. I love the small town where everyone greats each other. I love the smell of Ag, and the stars at night, and just being close to the earth.

But I also love people. I love Manhattan; so many people all with their own story. I love that I can walk or take public transit to anything I could ever possibly need.

So in my last week and a half (mostly spent in Upstate) which would I do? I think I would love to live in NYC near a park or water or something cool look at, but take monthly or every other month weekend vacations to my brothers. And allow him to come visit the city and crash at my place when ever he wants (now with his kids I might need 24 hr notice).

So from this trip I have found out I like New York State, but I still think it is on the wrong side of the country. So maybe I will have to do this with Seattle some city in California (Portland is too small).


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