So tonight was fun. My whole family just sitting around with the kids down. So . . . we get to telling old stories. (Sadly retelling of events will not be as good as the event but I have to try.)

One story was about me, and I have never heard it before. So in first grade my friend got picked on, by a fourth grader, no a second grader, no a . . . who care, an older kid. And I told them to stop it or I will push them down. And they believed me, or they believed me after I pushed the first one down, or maybe they pushed me down? Well all in all my friend was being teased and I stud-up to big mean bullies. The end. Now the tell was hilarious with people retelling it there way and “No that is not what happened. It was like . . .”, “No your wrong too.” All in all it was a lot of fun.

Then we moved past the old baby stories onto the current babies stories. Ian is not quite two, but is talks and is very determined. We talked about “Big Trucks” (in an awing voice), or how “I scared” to walk in the slightly dim hallway, but is OK on the the top bunk playing with his brother. He is so cute.

Tonight was a night that my family acted like a family and just talked about what ever. Tell old stories, talked about new stories. We also talked about our current issues and it was just nice. This next week and a half will be amazing!


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