No More Emotions

This has been one extremely hard week. Life seemed to through every punch it had. From school to friends to dating stress. Needlessly to say I had an emotionally draining week.

Even with this hard week it was never too hard. The right people were hit at the right time, and no one was ever asked to stretch past their breaking point. All in all it was a hard week, but some how it was never too hard.

This makes me wonder: How come it was never too hard? How can life know what a person can handle and what a person can’t. I know some people would say life gives them more then they can handle but I would say that is more hyperbole rather than fact. What has life actually given you that you have not made it through? And have you noticed that life throws more at you as you get older and more mature. This makes me wonder if (or remember) that there is someone/thing controlling it all. I also feel as though they have to truly know me in order to know when enough is enough. A shocking view of God.


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